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About Us

Allen's Compressor Service has been specializing in the compressed air business for over 20 years, providing sales, service, and parts.

We provide sales of a wide variety of products such as air compressors, reciprocating and rotary screw. The air compressors range in horsepower from 3/4HP to 500HP. We sell electric stationary air compressors, contractor portable air compressors, diesel pull-behind air compressors, truck-mount gasoline-driven air compressors, climate control air compressors, and even fire sprinkler system air compressors.

We also sell a wide selection of other pneumatic controls and products including, but not limited to, filtration systems. We sell particulator filters, coalescing filters, oil removal filters, separator filters, refrigerated air dryers, and desiccant dryers to remove water particles and oil from the compressed air and to provide clean dryer compressed air to your pneumatic equipment and tools.

We stock pneumatic controls to meet industry needs -- regulators, pressure switches, magnetic starters, electric motors, check valves, safety valves, pilot valves, pop-off valves, drain valves, automatic electric drain valves, and pressure gauges.

Our service is backed by over 50 years of experience in the air compressor industry. Our service consists of preventative air compressor maintenance, break down repair service for air compressors in any industry, and rebuild capabilities. Our knowledgeable staff can diagnose, repair, and proactively problem-solve all your compressed air needs.